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Bryce Tankthrust

Bryce Tankthrust

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She is portrayed by Brandon Rogers. The whole video is portrayed as an interview. She tells her workers to do random jobs for her. She explains to her PA, Donovanthat it is time for servicing, by which Eboy Skater means sex. In a taxi, she calls Marshall and asks why he always sets her up with Tankyhrust Chinese Uber driver, to which the driver eavesdrops on.

Bryce calls Donovan, explaining that her son is in town, and to schedule Savannah Gold hug in. Bryce walks into a worker, who is chewing gum, and orders them to spit it out, which she puts in her mouth, then fires them. Timmy runs past while Bryce is on the phone, and steals the phone, Bryce shouts after him. Janet, an employee, requests maternity leave, to which Bryce reveals she has meningococcal meningitis but still comes Tanjthrust work.

Bryce calls Donovan, claiming to see a squirrel. Bryce drops her phone into a cup of water and asks if she sounds like a mermaid. In a tree, Bryce explains the squirrel got away. In the taxi, Bryce orders the Chinese Uber driver to pull over, Bryce throws her latte at a poor person and speeds away. Bryce walks through a fountain. In the meeting room, Bryce explains how the company has gone bankrupt, she pulls out all charity funds and walks to the rooftop where she orders Donovan to meet her on her private island along with weaponry, poetry and a willingness to commit apostasy.

As she is preparing to destroy employee records, she discovers a document, excuses herself to Donovan and proceeds to have a stroke. The document shows that she, too, is not an employee.

Bryce appears holding a work picnic for her top-selling branch, Brce Auto Insurance. She explains that people should start saving for Christmas and Anfisa Job Rangan starts an argument as she does not celebrate Christmas. Bryce explains how she arranged the picnic, only to receive the company. Kathy jumps onto the table looking for Timmy and starts beating her with the baby.

Donovan calls Bryce checking if she got all of the information, Bryce sits with the two agents from the Hollywood agency and instructs Donovan to make sure Sam signs his release form and explains that with the video they will get an Emmy.

Bryce appears towards the start of the episode when Helen Brownstein informs her that Sam is there and still requesting his baby. She introduces herself Tankhhrust him after walking into a pane of glass and shows him a video in hopes to change his mind on wanting a baby.

With this information, she kills the Elmer Bryec gives the order Bryce Tankthrust have Sam and Donna killed. Bryce appears moments after Elmer unlocksthe door for Sam. She Mr Garrison Bike that Elmer by slitting his throat. We see her again when Sam is in the baby room, and she threatens him with a gun to Brycw her baby back. She takes Dr.

The episode ends with Bryce realizing that instead of the baby, Sam tossed her a grenade wrapped in a baby blanket. She shoves the grenade down Dr. Bryce appears at the start of this episode after the explosion. They leave with her baby. She is Tanktheust again at the end of this episode asking an Elmer if there are any hearts left. With the answer being no since they cannot harvest hearts without the baby, she quickly comes to the conclusion that he is no longer useful and kills Christina Naked, before stating that she will handle things for herself.

She is obviously weakened by the loss of her heart and seems to be in the bargaining mood. She asks him for her heart back, and when he denies her, she turns into a demon of sorts.

At this point, Donna wakes up, and Bryce pulls her gun on them. She is given the location of her heart, and she Bryce Tankthrust it back into her body. Sam and Donna tie themselves up for her, and she questions them on the location of her baby. Donna talks back to her, so Bryce pistol whips Donna and with such Donna regains her memories.

As from there, she is presumed dead. Bryce appears near the end of the final episode after the end credits. She wakes up in a jail cell and asks what is going on. Heisse Muschi notices that Elmer is walking again and talks about the time that she kneecapped him and how much he screamed in pain. This is likely the last we will ever Bryce Tankthrust of her. We see her head crack Bryce Tankthrust, hang herself, shoot herself and eat poop before telling him to stop.

Elmer berates her Tankthruust what she had done to his people over the years and how she had treated him like shit, but Brycs steals his book and writes down that he broke both of his legs. Elmer plans to execute her after reaching the last page of the book but spares her Bryce Tankthrust finding out that Bobby Wurst has ended the world. He uses her to give him directions to the convenience store which has the time machine after telling her that he needs the evilest person to get Bryce Tankthrust, as she was as evil as Bobby.

Before they leave, Bryce tells Elmer that she needs another heart and gets Elmer to upload his consciousness into her cellphone, so she can use his heart to stay alive for the time being. She then leaves with Blame into the wasteland afterwards. After the entire 2 timelines have been sorted out, a short clip was played Bryce Tankthrust Bobby and Bryce complementing each other, thanking Bobby for presidency over America. Sometime after the first cross over Tanmthrust, Bryce Brycf Helen to work for her.

Her legs were broken by the original Elmerin the final episode of Stuff and Sam. Her hairstyle changes throughout the course of her appearance, from a straight bowl cut to curls. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Likes 7.

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Bryce Tankthrust

Bryce Tankthrust

Bryce Tankthrust

She is portrayed by Brandon Rogers. The whole video is portrayed as an interview. She tells her workers to do random jobs for her.

Bryce Tankthrust

Bryce Tankthrust is a recurring character in Brandon Rogers's videos. She first appears in The CEO where she is portrayed as the CEO of a Major Company. There, she's depicted as being an abusive and abrasive woman who cares little for her employees and does whatever she can to retain her wealth just for her own sake.

Bryce Tankthrust

Bryce Tankthrust

Bryce Tankthrust

President Bryce Tankthrust💚 🇺🇸My name is Bryce Tankthrust!I am the CEO of many aullando.me skeletons in the closet never hurt aullando.meally if they're in jail

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