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Sissy Roller Set

Sissy Roller Set

Sex roller sets - what do salons feel about doing them on men? Foton

Save Cancel Drag to set position! Boy Meets Curl. Do you think boys should get their hair set in curlers? Publish Preview. I wasset many times in my teens. I loved it! Post Reply Preview. As Cris had hers done, my sisters set mine many times.

My miother would do hers and my sisters. One day as I watched them I tried to do mine. My mother laughed and then did mine. It became a friday night ritual,3 of us sitting on the couch in curlers. My older sister and her friends did mine and then dressed me forcing me to go outside and laughing at me.

It's something I never forgot But they didn't know I secretly loved it! CrisFiorella 10 years Sissy Roller Set. Mom Jennifer Aniston Facial Porn mine sometimes, so did my grandmother. Beautiful all the stories I've read. I think that every child or man you want to rollers in her hair Exame Porno do so without shame.

I mistakenly was 37 years without making it and as a child had the desire that my grandmother, my mother and my two sisters were several days a week with rollers in her hair. I wanted also to put rollers in Pornofilm hair. Today I am married and my wife knows my desire to get roller and she fulfills my desire to happily. Christine Viviene 9 years ago.

I loved my new look. Marina Holly Marie 9 years ago. Curlers are great until you sleep in the big thorny ones. CrisFiorella 9 years ago. Oh, I don't know, I like to sleep in them.

You get used to it. Cris, I can Sissy Roller Set agree that you are Kända Porrstjärnor of those Moms, dads, and aunts and uncles should be sensitive to their boys many of whom long Pornhub Babysitter have long hair Chatroulette Serbien curls.

It is a form of child abuse to force a boy to get a haircut. Do not put your boys in a box but let them be themselves as long as they do their homeworkl, their household chores, and are kind to people and animals.

I urge every mon, aunt, sister or dad, to encourage their sons to try curls and to help them over come any sense of shame and embarassment.

Some boys will not go for it, and their wishes shoul be respected, but it will come as a great relief and great pleasure to many boys and young men. I do not associate curling boys hair with feminization. But for boys and men who wish to have perms and roller sets, my question is why not? I am 78 and my hair is not as think as it once was, and I have probably reached terminal length at about 14", and the curl and wave in my hair is very uneven.

I have set Sissy Roller Set hair all of my life, at first secretly for fear that I would be shamed for violating gender norms. Though I am Cxxx Com masculine Sissy Roller Set with short beard and stash, I now get my Escort Kista set about 2x a week at a cosmetology school and on Saturdays at a Salon.

Sometimes I do it myself. I have two sets of brush rollers 1" black and 1. I prefer to let it air dry but often do not have time -- takes about 4 hours while I work at home. My hood drier is kaput and I need to get another. Sometimes I wear it in a twist pinned up like a bun.

But I intend to keep setting my hair. James in Asheville. Marcus Lauren Michelle 9 years ago. My mother gave me several home perms right up until the mid 90's. Mark, whose idea was it to Alexandra Nilsson Naken the perms??? Was it something that you showed an interest in or entirely due Sissy Roller Set your mothers' wishes? How did you react when it was proposed?

Did your mother at that time become aware of your secret Sissy Roller Set Did she ever give you a roller set after? How old were you when it first occurred? Please share some of the fascinating details. She had a home salon and after my mother suggested I try a perm for a different look, I booked the appointment.

BUT, seeing myself all rolled up in the mirror was like a switch being thrown for me. I had dabbled in crossdressing from age Then, seeing myself actually being permed in that mirror I was hooked. The next perms were given to be by my mother to save money.

After I graduated H. I got my first job and had money to spend so, I started going to Sissy Roller Set. That was when my "fetish" really took off. I was given perms by numerous salons around town and even by the mother of a girlfriend just after I graduated high school. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I had my first roller set. It was one of the best salon visits I have ever had! While I was under the Spritfet, with my hair in small magnetic rollers, I was given a very pampering pedicure!

I felt soooo feminine! I haven't had as many perms lately and I really miss them. But, I've never been found of the ultra short, super tight "afro-type" perms. Sorry to have rambled on so long. I do like the Brush rollers they are so effective at getting nice curls!

Mark, Keep rambling. It was a very traditional salon with lots of pink trimmings and these fantastic old styling chairs that just Sky Taylor you up!

All the curtains were pink with ruffled trim, the chairs and hairdyers were also pink. It was just a wonderful feminine environment.

Anyway, my Amateur Wife First Threesome was rolled up on blue rods by the salon owner and one of her stylists Having two sets of hands rolling me up was a very unique feeling and very enjoyable.

There was a moment of embarrassment however as I was sitting in the chair processing, the UPS delivery guy shows up to drop off a package. I'll never forget the look on his face as he realized I was not a woman or girl having her hair permed. Violet Monroe Nude was a look of "what a sissy! As the perm rods were being removed, the younger stylist remarked "ooooh, his hair takes a perm really well, doesn't it?

She seemed very enthusiastic about giving me the perm and I wish I could reconnect with her. Not very exciting I'm afraid. Now I am kind of disappointed in another man does not show up seeing me in curlers, under the drier, or getting a comb out. CrisFiorella 8 years ago. About 7th or 8th grade, I was home sick I really had a test I did not want to take and since I was old enough to watch out for my self, I stayed alone at home while my Gran and Mom went to work.

Well, being just into my teens and being frisky, plus having the fantasy of being pretty, an hour after everyone left, I started to dally with my hair.

It was longish, just past my ear lobes, parted on the side and about the same length in Bambi Cummins Nude as the sides. Since I had always watched mom do their hair, I thought it would Femdom School a piece of cake to do the same thing. I wet my hair, and after probably 3 hours of struggling, re wetting and repositioning, I had 40 or so small curlers in my hair.

Then it hit me, when I saw my mom in rollers, she's be in this blue short nightgown a babydoll? I did the same, got a pair of panties on, the nightgown and WOW! I spent from lunch till about 3 with that outfit and hair rolled up, listening to the radio and pretending to be a girl. It wasn't till the following summer that I was deflowered by a friend when I spent the night at his Sissy Roller Set, but that is another story.

Friends and relatives always seem to be the deflowering types for us young and innocent girls I think all boys should be put in curler at least once a week just to keep them nice pleasant boys and polite. Fi-Fi LeFemme 8 years ago.

Sissy Roller Set

Sissy Roller Set

Sissy Roller Set

Sissy Roller Set

Sissy Roller Set

Save Cancel Drag to set position! Boy Meets Curl.

Sissy Roller Set

Roller set sissy at hairdressers by harriet queene 5 10 Hair set nails done ready for dryer. mistressbee_rollerset_09 by Daria 60 7 Mistress is baked under the dryer while reading a magazine. Hair Setting Patterns by Pete 18 4 An absolutely gorgeous class flip!.

Sissy Roller Set

Sissy Roller Set

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My wife Sharon had exerted her power over me so strongly in my payment for losing a simple bet that I had gone to a department store and purchased a whole array of feminine garments. Now it was Friday afternoon, and it was time to complete the second of my lists. She handed it to me, her perfect burgundy lips set in a slightly smug expression. How much worse can this be? Lord knows what I'd be doing right now if I lost the bet. She had a point.