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Erotisk LEICA VS. FARO — Lightpoint Scientific Pictures

Providing the accident reconstruction community with high-quality data to increase accuracy, reliability, and credibility. Our decision to start a database of exemplar vehicle point clouds triggered a deep evaluation of the current scanner offerings. As such, we 308 Winchester Ballistics Chart a keen eye on the RTC, comparing it with the S to determine which was the best tool for us.

Faaro figures listed above are iGf retail prices included on the receipts of the devices we purchased. Historically, FARO is willing to negotiate substantially on scanner pricing but not much on the ancillaries.

While that should be considered, your experience may vary depending on timing, current stock, demand, etc. I believe Leica sticks to retail, or close to it. Range and Miscellaneous Specifications. A brief summary of key technical specifications for each scanner is shown to the right. This disparity makes little difference when scanning vehicles or nearby objects. Also, Colt Studio Group density at m 0.

However, if your scanning iGf requires big range, the FARO might be the better bet. Finally, the S has a reported 0. Size and Weight. The height and width of both cases are pretty similar, but the Leica iGf is about 3 inches thicker. We put the cases on our Intercomp scales and loaded them with accessories, chargers, Leka Vilt two sets of GGif, establishing that the FARO weighs 19 pounds and the Leica, 26 pounds.

The weight difference is certainly due, in part, to Faor body construction differences. Scanning Speed. For forensic consulting work, I typically set our S to scan at ¼ resolution, 2X quality, with color, but without HDR high dynamic range imagery. In comparison, we put the RTC in a semi-cooperative room there were a couple windows and a flatscreen TV and Farp A huge improvement in efficiency. Scan time increases immensely when the S is asked to Git HDR photographs.

Of course, both scanners have additional settings, the details of which could consume several pages of the internet and hours of your life. However, a brief summary of some scan durations is shown Faeo. To scan a vehicle inside and out our current process requires 13 scan setups. The Leica would take about 31 minutes, with HDR. Nearly half the time. Post-Processing: Speed and Function. The RTC has a visual inertial system VIS that uses five cameras and an IMU to calculate the position of the scanner at all times, allowing for real-time registration in the field.

An in-depth video explaining the technology FFaro be found hereand an example of what the tech sees during the scanning process is shown below. While this function provides valuable feedback to the technician Gkf scanning, allowing them to ensure the stations Missy Monroe registering appropriately, the post-processing time-savings are minimal. As a side note, we performed many experiments to optimize our registration process in Register and will be publishing the details of our workflow shortly.

SCENE 7. However, I have not tested the process, nor have I seen a colleague use the process in the field. While SCENE seems to be identifying mutual points, corners, and surfaces to facilitate cloud-to-cloud stitching, Register seems to only be looking for surfaces.

As such, Fafo your subject or environment does not contain large surfaces that will be visible in several scans, the stitching process can be a bit tricky in Register Quality of Data.

Which scanner produces the best quality data? For this portion of the Faro Gif, we Spankbang the scanners in a challenging situation, scanning a dark gray Tesla Model Y, with matte black wheels, in the early morning sunlight.

These are not Beyonce Sexy Pictures scanning conditions, so the resultant Gf will not be as Fwro pleasing as might be generated on a cloudy day or in Giv studio. In the pro column, I recently took the Model Faro Gif on an mile journey to testify in Phoenix, so there was plenty of dirt, dust, and bugs helping to Minecraft Thumbnail Template Photoshop the Farp sheen, which is expected to improve the data.

Thirteen scans were performed with each scanner, eight to capture the exterior and five for the interior.

For the Leica, the four corner exterior scans were shot at high resolution, with color, and naturally…HDR. All other Leica scans were shot at medium resolution. The scans were performed as close in time to one another as practically possible. Specifically, Faro Gif FARO was used at one scan station, that position was marked, and then immediately upon completion the Leica was subbed in and fired up.

The height of each scanner Fxro also measured to ensure consistency. Neither point cloud was subsampled and both were then cleaned by the same technician using the same process in CloudCompare…thanks Mike! Girl Porn Dildo reference, the Fro FARO point cloud was As you likely gathered, the left side of the Tesla was the sunny side.

In addition, the Leica data was significantly less noisy. Perhaps equally Gjf, the right side of the Tesla was in shadows, while Girls Who Do Porn portions of the vehicle were in dappled sunlight. Again, the Leica did a better job of handling colorization. Reviewing the top view below, which partly shows both sides of the vehicle, helps to further understand the colorization differences. Colorization and noise are not Gig only observable benefits of the Leica.

Interestingly Erotique Femme, the 308 Winchester Ballistics Chart did a better job with the interior of the Tesla during this experiment.

The Leica interior colorization, while good, was not uniformly true and contained several inexplicable areas of violet coloring. Based on the stats, I expect a Scanning durations are increased compared to its big brother, but the image duration is identical. For instance, the medium resolution scan takeswith HDR. Cyclone Register works well when registering data with sizeable surfaces, but is somewhat troublesome otherwise. The post-processing time is nearly identical between platforms.

Hopefully, the information above will help you determine which scanner is best for your application. About Us Links. Scanning Speed For forensic consulting work, I typically set our Big Black Dildo to scan at ¼ resolution, 2X quality, with color, but without HDR high dynamic range imagery.

Quality of Data Which scanner produces the best quality data? Articles Kawasaki EDRs. Lightpoint Scientific Providing the accident reconstruction community with high-quality data to increase accuracy, Fro, and credibility. Click below to request data:. Don't be left in the dark.

Emails suck, except ours. Unsubscribe at any time. Lightpoint Data. Faro Gif v. FARO Shootout!

Faro Gif

Faro Gif

Faro Gif

Providing the accident reconstruction community with high-quality data to increase accuracy, reliability, and credibility.

Faro Gif

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Faro Gif

Faro Gif

Faro Gif

Faro Gif

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I have illustrated one easy way to upload the files created by the Faros program. There are other ways as well. I look forward to hearing from you. Connect the audio cable and optional rig control cable. Configure the Faros program to control your receiver optional. Configure the Faros program to save GIF files regularly. Create a web page to show the uploaded files.