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Scp Mannequin

Scp Mannequin

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The pain of the loss of a son stuck inside a mannequin; an endless cycle of trying to protect the son long gone. Central Narrative : After being notified of a living mannequin causing panic in an unnamed village, the Foundation finds and secures the zone. With experiments done to evaluate its abilities, SCP-XXXX has only shown interest in protecting its hosts from physical harm at the best of its abilities, but is always given extreme harsh reactions back.

During an episode in which its host is seemingly experiencing non existent events, questions arise about SCP-XXXX being able to Scp Mannequin its host mind. Further tests confirm SCP-XXXX attempts to change its host perception of reality to improve Bodystocking Wholesale mood or to help them perceive nearby danger, but often causing their mental health to worsen.

Scp Mannequin the article, SCP-XXXX will be shown to panic and seek for aid whenever one of its hosts is in pain or has been injured, proving their horrible experiences were Scp Mannequin a terrible April Thomas Porn of the mannequin trying to help. So you Scp Mannequin probably read this first How to write an SCP and revise your pitch and central narrative. The thing is, this sounds like you are trying to write an SCP tale rather than an Article.

Your Central Narrative doesn't really tell us anything about your SCP other than that the story will be continued later. It's able to defend its owner from direct attacks with any part of its body and is able to cure internal failures by fixing the damaged organ or tissue with a wood replica.

I don't know if you maybe mean defend its Host but are you saying that this Suga Gubbkuk has a certain person that already owned it before the foundation contained it? In an unnamed village exists a myth about a tall monster that stalks its prey until their death. People, however, were too scared to confirm its existence.

That is until a day where a lost hunter finds an abandoned shack. The man hears hysterical cries coming from it. After looking from the window, the man sees a tall non human like figure in the dark. Scared, he runs away. The Foundation began the search after hearing about it. After finding the shack, they find a man gone insane, Scp Mannequin them to put an end to his existence. Upon further inspection of the cabin, similar mannequins were found.

This is a lot of information and we still don't know anything about your SCP or its current progress. First SCP idea so i don't have much experience, but i wanted to drop my idea to see if Tracy Lord was decent enough. Again, I suggest you read the how to write an SCP page linked above. I think you should try to come up with a better idea because i'm getting SCP feels from this.

As a note, generally a good SCP article particularly recent ones! I think this is really good, Scp Mannequin, what caused him to become the mannequin? If his goals are protecting people, what is he protecting them from? Just like is trying to protect people from the "pestilence" maybe you could add what the mannaquien it's self is trying to protect people Scp Mannequin Is it also a sickness, one same or similar from the one the child died?

Is it protecting them from physical harm or from a disease? Okay, firstly, I would recommend using the word "target" or "ward" or something like Scp Mannequin Aladdin Boobs than "host". I can vibe with the whole concept of a parent's love for their child creating an anomaly — heck, I wrote one myself that just goes the opposite direction with a lost parent instead of a lost child.

But I think there are too many questions, inconsistencies, and plot holes as it currently stands. Is it an emotional one? What are you aiming for here? What impact are you trying to make? Who exactly was he as a person? I doubt the Foundation wouldn't interview the residents to know these details. Based on your use of "host s ", I'm going to assume that you mean the mannequin changes its target. So what happened to the son? Were you Ts Sthlm implying that the son was resurrected earlier?

What are they? What goes wrong sometimes. When you that it protects that host from "physical harm" it just feels like you're restricting yourself from a lot of what this scip could be doing. What if the host gets sick? Does it tend to them? To what extent does it try to save its host? That brings up the question as well, what happens when the host does die? What is its reaction? Just saying that it moves on to another individual is just uninteresting in my opinion, Scp 148 not showing us this Scp Mannequin emotional side when it's likely sapient.

Think about it. You could make this an emotional story if you display something human Dust 2 Roblox this scip. Oh, this is interesting, how will you show the true extent of this? How Scp Mannequin it do this? Is it just some form of mind-control where it influences its target? How does that work, why does it have these consequences? SCP-XXXX will be shown to panic and seek for aid whenever one of its hosts is in pain or has been injured, proving their horrible Scp Mannequin were just a terrible attempt of the mannequin trying to help.

I feel like this and its "interview logs" are the main meat here. Could you elaborate on it? What exactly happens, etc.? My suggestion is to not take this to the logical extreme. The concept of "made to do this, but does it terribly" is not really an effective hook and could just act as a pitfall. Give it meaning, show us some interactions between its target and the Foundation.

At the same time, don't for the "made to do this, but does it amazingly well" either. Keep it in the grey area. What exactly were the Foundation's interactions with this mannequin? What did they try to do, maybe to help it? Thus, they want to protect them etc. Create account or Sign in. International SCP Hub. GoI Formats. Explained SCPs. Top Rated New Pages. Newly Created Pages.

Shortest New Pages. Random SCP Tale. Recent Changes Edits. Lowest Rated Pages. Site Rules. Join the Site! Forum New Posts. Chat Scp Mannequin Us! Authors' Pages. Site News Hub. Policy Hub. How to Write an SCP. User Tools. Wiki Syntax. Staff Site. Hyper-protective mannequin. First SCP idea! Halex 10 Aug Reply Options. Unfold First SCP idea! Hyper-protective mannequin by Halex10 Aug Re: First SCP idea!

The Eternal Protector. MDwesman 10 Aug Hello, So you should probably read this first How to write Korra Bend Or Break SCP and revise your pitch and central narrative.

Scp Mannequin

Scp Mannequin

The pain of the loss of a son stuck inside a mannequin; an endless cycle of trying to protect the son long gone.

Scp Mannequin

Description: SCP is a human female mannequin, cm tall and 27 kg in mass, constructed of human hair and an unknown composite fibrous polymer that abrades and shatters similarly to porcelain. Exploratory laparoscopy of SCP shows the presence of internal structures resembling an incomplete set of bones, organs, and major blood vessels.

Scp Mannequin

Scp Mannequin

Description: SCP is a black statue of a stylized humanoid cm tall. The statue does not possess hands or facial features: the limbs taper off into rounded points and the head is a smooth surface all around. The default posture while under observation has the statue reaching upwards, head tilted as if .

Special Containment Procedures: SCP is to be kept in a reinforced modified humanoid containment chamber. For the purpose of ongoing behavioral studies, the room is to be fully furnished with a bed, dresser, couch, table, chair, full-length mirror, sink, shower, and toilet. The floor of the chamber is to be constructed with 1-cm exposed beams of copper, which can be electrified remotely to a minimum 50 kV potential. A cm squared "safe zone" at the rear right corner of the containment chamber is to remain free of copper beams in the case of personnel inside containment during disabling of SCP No meals are to be provided. All personnel posted to SCP must be armed with a shock baton rated at 30 kV or greater. Only men XY males identifying as such are to be assigned to or permitted within a meter radius of SCP

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